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Groglar, Aug 31, 11 2:08 PM.
Great night in PoG, quick, almost flawless and 32 Pieces of gear with 7 BP's. This is the PoG I wanted you all to get a taste of. Very well done, Grats to all and Congrats to Comfort on your Boy Band Sword !!!

Ups, Downs and Ups

Pmidget, Aug 25, 11 12:41 PM.
The ups: We have recently enjoyed a few off nights for leveling. Great job on pushing out the levels everyone. Grats on all the epics completed also, I am reallly excited about the upcoming expansion and look forward to relaying our plans to you in the near future. Remember, 6am monday is the expected release time and date, everyone that can be on at that time please be on.
The downs: We recently lost a few friends to another guild, it happens. We are not a 24/7 batphone guild and I do not intend on changing that. I raided for most of my MMO life, have been in the best and worst guilds,and after careful consideration have come to the conclusion that I play this game for fun. I am not here to work, I am not here to make anyone a bunch of money on ebay, I am here to enjoy the game with the good people I have met and play with now. We will get our share of mobs regardless, we may not hit sleepers tomb first or kill the avatar of war on day one, but we will get our share of those mobs and have fun doing it.
The ups: Welcome our new 60 tank Chaoc when you see him. He has changed his main for us and it is much appreciated. We are doing very well, our raid core is very strong and we have certainly proven that you don't have to fill your guild with douchebags to raid effectively. Grats Rayzor and Wykang our newest officer additions and thank you all for keeping our grass just as green as everyone else's.

Game on

So many named

Pmidget, Aug 12, 11 11:54 AM.
So, we have recently killed Phinny,Inny,Fright,EoV ect...Raid core is very strong and we finally have enough clerics for a cheal chain. Grats clerics and shaman for your epics this week. A few new additions to the guild look forward to seeing you guys in raids. We are still in the market for some additional dps classes and a few more healers. We are holding a few peices for Wizard/Ranger/Druid/necromancers so get with a officer if you are in need of certain peices, we may already have them. Our aim now is to work on raidcall response time since it is crutial when it comes to the kunark named and the coming expansion The scars of velious.

Eye spy a dead eye

Pmidget, Aug 7, 11 8:43 PM.
Dropped bees/sisters/eye/drakes today no wipes, barely any deaths. Sick raid crew we got here. Grats on sky bow peice demitry and all others that got lewt. Welcome all our new faces, good time to be in AnB, glad to see things progressing as fast as they are. Game on.


Pmidget, Aug 2, 11 3:06 PM.
Wohooo! CT DOWNNNNNNNN! First Big kill for us and grats Groglar on your epic sword. This was our first sock and we did very well. Grats to the sexy necro who got the fear robe and everyone else who doesn't look as good but got gear also. Bammmm!!! I'm super freakin proud to be the leader of this guild, we are going to do so well in the upcoming expansions.
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